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Title: Operation Directions of Renewable Energy Electricity and Certification Matchmaking Service for Solar PV Site of Public or State-Owned Enterprise Land Lease Auction Ch
Date: 2023.12.29
Legislative: 1.10-point full text issued with Jing Biao Liu Zi No. 11160013090 on July 13, 2022, by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs
2.Clauses 3 and 5 amended and promulgated by Ministerial Order No. 11260207790, BSMI, MOEA on 29 December 2023.
Content: 1.This operating procedure is enacted to help small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain 
renewable energy. For this purpose, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection, Ministry of 
Economic Affairs (hereinafter referred to as this Bureau) is to provide, through the platform of 
National Renewable Energy Certification Center (hereinafter referred to as Certification Center), the 
matchmaking services for the public or state-owned enterprises to lease the land for the construction 
of solar photovoltaic power generation equipment case (hereinafter referred to as the land rental 
bidding case) in accordance with the contract for the release of renewable energy and renewable 
energy certificate (hereinafter referred to as the Certificate).

2.The terms used in this Operating Procedure are defined as  follows:
(1)The term “Seller” shall refer to the successful bidder participating in the land rental bidding case.
(2)The term “Buyer” shall refer to the small and medium-sized enterprises that meet the standards 
for the identification as small and medium-sized enterprises.
(3)The term “Matchmaking” shall refer to the Certification Center platform, where the supply and 
demand information of renewable energy power and certificate is provided, and buyers and sellers 
are assisted to conduct transactions through bidding.

3.In order to assist in the handling of the land rental bidding case, this Bureau shall form a working 
group to decide the basic price for the power transfer capacity, the allocation method of the auction 
capacity, the contract period and other related matters.
The working group mentioned in the preceding paragraph shall be composed of members from this 
Bureau, the Energy Administration of Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Small and Medium 
Enterprise and Startup Administration of Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Department of 
State-owned Enterprise Affairs of Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Administration of Commerce 
of Ministry of Economic Affairs and the lessor.

4.The sellers and buyers participating in the matchmaking shall be approved by the Certification 
Center and become members of the Certification Center platform before they are granted with the 
matchmaking qualifications.
The seller shall notify this Bureau in writing within 15 days after obtaining the notification letter of 
completion of grid connection issued by the power transmission and distribution vendor(s) and 
apply to this Bureau for a renewable energy certificate according to the application and management 
operating procedures for renewable energy certificate.

5.Matchmaking matters shall be handled as follows:
(1)After receiving the written notice from the seller for the handling of the green electricity 
matchmaking transaction, the working group shall decide the basic price for the power transfer 
capacity of the land rental bidding case, the allocation method of bidding capacity, the contract 
period and other related matters.
(2)Within five days after the working group completes the work stipulated in the preceding 
paragraph, this Bureau shall announce the site under matchmaking and the relevant processing 
schedule and notify the seller and buyer to register the required information.
(3)Within ten days from the start date of the pre-registration announcement declared by this Bureau, 
the buyer shall log in the Certification Center platform for pre-registration and provide the 
following information:
A.Documents certifying that it meets the qualifications of the small and medium-sized enterprises.
B.The electricity bill payment certificate issued by Taiwan Power Company (hereinafter referred to 
as Taipower) or the electricity bill and bill data downloaded from the MyData platform for the 
previous year.
C.Record of annual electricity demand.
(4)The Certification Center shall complete the review of the buyer’s qualification within seven days 
after the buyer pre-registration. To confirm the buyer's qualification and the electricity consumption 
of the previous year, if necessary, this Bureau may ask the Small and Medium Enterprise and 
Startup Administration of Ministry of Economic Affairs and TaiPower to assist in the review.
(5)Within 15 days from the date when this Bureau declares the matchmaking case and its relevant 
processing schedule, the seller shall log in to the Certification Center platform to concur with the 
auction capacity, basic price, saleable period and other precautions determined by the working 
(6)After the seller completes the registration of the auction information, the Certification Center 
platform shall notify the buyers who have completed the buyer qualification review to participate in 
the bidding.

6.Buyer's bidding regulations
(1)The buyer shall participate in the bidding according to the schedule declared by this Bureau.
(2)The buyer's bidding electricity capacity shall be limited to 30% of his or her electricity 
consumption in the previous year.
(3)The buyer shall confirm and agree with the seller's login information before bidding.
(4)The unit price per unit of the bidding price shall be rounded to the fourth place below the decimal 
(5)During the bidding period, the buyer may revise the quantity and bidding information twice or 
abandon the bid.

7.Under the premise that the bid price is higher than the basic price, this Bureau shall matchmake 
the bidding transactions in accordance with the bid price rankings of the buyers, that is, the bidder 
offering the highest price being the first for the matchmaking and the second priority going to the 
second highest price bidder, and so on. If two or more buyers bid the same price, the priority shall 
be determined according to the time when the bid has been completed.

8.After the bidding process is completed, the Certification Center shall declare on the platform and 
notify the seller and buyer of the matchmaking result. The seller and the buyer shall sign a contract 
according to the matchmaking result and shall submit the renewable energy purchase and sale 
contracts to the Certification Center within six months from the announcement date of the 
matchmaking result for the application of a certificate assignment. However, if there are justifiable 
reasons, a maximum of two extensions may be applied to the Certification Center, and each 
extension period is limited to six months. If the submission is overdue or fails to submit after 
extension, the matchmaking result shall be cancelled.

9.If the buyer has one of the following circumstances, after being confirmed by the Certification 
Center, his or her qualification for winning the bid shall be cancelled and he or she shall be 
restricted from using the matchmaking function of the Certification Center platform within one 
(1)Manipulate or interfere with matchmaking.
(2)Other behaviors that affect the matchmaking service.
(3)When the buyer's bid-winning qualification is cancelled due to the circumstances in the 
preceding paragraph, the other qualified bid-winning buyer qualifications shall be still retained for 
If the seller or buyer refuses to sign the contract for reasons that are not attributable to each other 
after the matchmaking result, the preceding two paragraphs shall apply mutatis mutandis.

10.After the seller sells to Taipower, according to the wholesale contract, the remaining electricity 
shall be auctioned in the next matchmaking bidding schedule according to the decision of the 
working group. The remaining electricity refers to power that has not been allocated to the auction 
capacity and that has not been matchmade in accordance with the preceding three articles or due to 
the cancelation of the matchmaking result or disqualification of the buyer's bid.

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