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Title: Organizational Act of the International Trade Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs Ch
Date: 2023.06.07
Legislative: 1.Promulgated on June 7, 2023
Content: Article 1
The Ministry of Economic Affairs shall establish the International Trade Administration (hereinafter 
referred as the Administration) to manage international trade-related affairs.  

Article 2
The Administration shall be charged with:
1. Planning trade policies and formulating related rules and regulations;
2. Engaging in international trade cooperation, participating in the activities of international 
economic and trade organizations, promoting and implementing economic and trade agreements, 
and protocols for foreign trade delegations;
3. Formulating and implementing policies for trade promotion and MICE industry development. 
4. Investigating and removing trade barriers, responding to trade remedies initiated by foreign 
counterparts, and handling trade disputes; 
5. Collecting and analyzing data on international trade environment and dynamics; 
6. Administering the import and export regime, and managing export control and trade security 
7. Managing commodity classification, Certificate of Origin, and registration of exporters and 
8. Investigating import relief cases and investigating the injury on industries with respect to 
anti-dumping and countervailing duty cases. 
9. Other matters related to international trade. 

Article 3
The Administration shall have one Director-General at a rank equivalent to senior appointment at 
the grade of thirteen; and two Deputy Director-Generals at a rank equivalent to senior appointment 
at the grade of twelve.

Article 4
The Administration shall have one Secretary-General at a rank equivalent to senior appointment at 
the grade of eleven.

Article 5
The scale of the positions and the number of personnel of each official rank of the Administration 
shall be stipulated in a staffing chart.

Article 6
The enforcement date of the Act shall be specified in an order from the Executive Yuan.