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Title: Act Governing the Establishment of the Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research Ch
Date: 1981.02.02
Legislative: Enacted and promulgated by President Order (70) Tai-Tung (1)-Yi-Tzu No.0833 on February 2, 1981

Article 1  The Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research (herein referred
                 to as this Institution) has been established in order to strengthen
                 economic research concerning Taiwan, the world, and specific
                 areas, and this Act has consequently been drafted.

Article 2  This Institution is a juridical association, and its establishment shall
                comply with the regulations of this Act; any matters not prescribed
                by this Act shall be subject to other relevant laws and regulations.

Article 3  This Institution's establishment fund shall be NT$1.0 billion. Apart
                from the contributions of NT$900 million provided by the central
                government and the Sino-American Fund For Economic and Social
                Development in annual installments, the remaining NT$100
                million shall consist of contributions from business and industry.

Article 4  This Institution shall have the following funding sources:
                1.Yields from the establishment fund
                2.Government contributions
                3.Income from commissioned research and services provided
                4.Donations from domestic and foreign public or private
                   organizations, groups or individuals.

Article 5  This Institution shall establish a board of directors with 11 to 15 
                directors, five of whom shall be hired, and the remainder

Article 6  Hired directors shall be hired by the Executive Yuan’s Premier
                from persons connected with the type of work in question.
                The first group of appointed directors shall be hired by the
                Executive Yuan’s Premier from experts and specialists in
                economics and business/industry personnel for three-year terms.  
                The board shall appoint a director when a person's term has ended
                or there is a vacancy on the board.

Article 7  The board of directors shall have five to seven managing directors,
                who shall be appointed by the directors from among their number,
                and shall have one president, who shall be appointed by the
                managing directors from among their number; the president shall
                serve for the same term as the appointed directors, and may serve
                consecutive terms if reappointed.

Article 8  This Institution shall have one chairman and one or two vice
                chairmen, who shall be hired by the board.
                The chairman shall handle the Institution's affairs under the
                supervision of the board; the vice chairman or chairmen shall
                assist with the Institution's affairs.

Article 9  This Institution shall draft a revenue and expenditure budget before
                the start of each fiscal year, and shall compile a final account of
                revenues and expenditures at the end of each fiscal year; the budget
                and final accounting shall be submitted to the competent authority
                after review and approval by the board.
                The Executive Yuan shall forward the budget in the foregoing
                paragraph to the Legislative Yuan, and forward the final
                accounting to the Control Yuan.

Article 10 This Institution's contribution rules shall be determined by
                 contributors in accordance with this Act and relevant laws.

Article 11 If, due to changes in circumstances, this Institution cannot achieve
                 its goals as set forth in this Act, except when other legal egulations
                 apply, the board may make a resolution to dissolve the Institution;
                 after dissolution, relevant matters shall be handled in accordance
                 with the law.

Article 12 This Act shall take effect on the date of public announcement.