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Title: Regulations for Investment Administration of Business Entities in the Technology Industrial Parks Ch
Date: 2021.11.02
Legislative: 1.Promulgated on July 19, 1965
2.Amended on October 29, 1967
3.Amended on May 10, 1969
4.Amended on August 22, 1973
5.Amended on January 23, 1978
6.Amended on January 21, 1985
7.Amended on August 28, 1989
8.Amended on May 30, 1990
9.Amended on September 9, 1992
10.Amended on July 23, 1997
11.Amended on January 12, 2000
12.Amended on February 6, 2002
13.Amended on November 6, 2002
14.Amended on May 12, 2005
15.Amended on February 5, 2015
16.Amended on September 12, 2019
17.Amended on November 2, 2021
Content: Article 1
These Regulations are formulated pursuant to Paragraph 3, Article 10 of the Act for the 
Establishment and Administration of Technology Industrial Parks (hereinafter referred to as “the 

Article 2
In these Regulations, administration of investment refers to administration of setup, merger, spin-off, 
capital increase, expansion of factory, capital decrease, divestiture, or other changes in investments 
by businesses in the Parks.
Any business in the Parks shall, when applying for the preceding investments, prepare the 
investment proposal and relevant documents, and submit the application to the Export Processing 
Zone Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs (hereinafter referred to as “the Administration”) 
or its branches in accordance to where the business is located.

Article 3
Any business that applies to be set up in the technology industrial parks (hereinafter referred to as 
“the Parks”) shall be under one of the business categories set forth in Article 6 of the Act, and shall 
have the paid-in capital in the amounts as specified in the attached table.

Article 4
The investment proposal shall contain the following information:
1.Business description,
2.Market and marketing model,
3.Operating details,
4.Financial plan,
5.Factory construction, expansion and investment milestones,
6.Investment returns, and/or
7.Other related matters.
The business may add or remove any of the foregoing information and may provide supplementary 
If the application and supporting documents are incomplete, the Administration or the branches may 
notify the business to submit additional information within the specified time up to two times, and 
may reject the application of the business fails to provide required information within the time or 
fails to comply with the requirements.

Article 5
The Administration shall set up the evaluation committee to review the investment proposal and 
provide advice. The evaluation committee shall:
1.Review the investment proposal.
2.Provide advice on investment administration.
3.Perform other necessary tasks related to the investment proposal .
The evaluation committee shall consist of eleven members, including one convener, acted by the 
director general of the Administration. The remaining members shall be engaged by the 
Administration and acted as the representatives of each of the following authorities (agencies):
1.Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan
2.Overseas Community Affairs Council
3.Taxation Administration, Ministry of Finance
4.Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance
5.Department or Foreign Exchange, Central Bank of the Republic of China
6.Department of Commerce, Ministry of Economic Affairs
7.Department of Investment Services, Ministry of Economic Affairs
8.Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs
9.Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs
10.Investment Commission, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Article 6
The evaluation committee meetings shall be convened once per month in principal and as necessary. 
The convener shall appoint one secretary to administer the affairs of the committee.
The meetings of the committee shall require the attendance of more than one half of the members 
and decisions achieved shall require the consent of more than one half of the attending members.
The review of the investment proposal may engage relevant authorities (agencies), experts and 
scholars, and representatives of local governments at where the Parks are located to join and provide 
consulting, and may ask the investors or the investing businesses to attend and make commitments.

Article 7
The investment proposal of the business in the Parks will be executed by the Administration upon 
the resolution of the evaluation committee.

Article 8
The business in the Parks shall complete the investments within two years from the approval date of 
its investment proposal.
If the investment proposal has specified the completion date, the investment will be subject to such 
completion date as approved regardless of the foregoing paragraph.
If the investment cannot be completed due to a reasonable cause, the business in the Parks may 
apply and extend the completion deadline of the investment upon the resolution of the evaluation 
committee and the approval of the Administration.

Article 9
The Administration or the branches may designate persons to inspect the business in the Parks. In 
case of any noncompliance with the approved investment proposal, the Administration or the 
branches may request the business to submit an improvement or modification plan within one 
The business shall, upon the notice of the Administration or the branches,revise the preceding 
improvement or modification plan as the Administration or the branches deems necessary within 
one month.
In any of the following events, the Administration may revoke the approved investment proposal 
and evict the business:
1.Failure to submit the improvement or modification plan, or revise the plan within the specified 
2.Impracticability of the plan, even after necessary revisions.
3.Failure to execute the improvement or modification plan as approved.

Article 10
The business in the Parks shall complete the move-out process after the investment proposal is 
revoked or nullified, and change the address of the company or the branch, cancel business 
registration, or complete other processes under the Company Act.
In the event that the foregoing business is involved in bonded operations, relevant bonded 
regulations of the Parks shall be complied with accordingly.

Article 11
These Regulations shall be implemented from the date of promulgation .