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Title: Procedures for Applying for ISO 9001 Co-registration via Foreign Cooperative Certification Bodies Ch
Date: 2021.03.24
Legislative: 1.Adopted and promulgated by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs on 11 January 2012.
2.Abolished on 24 March 2021.
Content: 1.These procedures have been established for handling with a foreign organization applying to the 
Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (hereinafter called "the BSMI") for ISO 9001 
Co-registration via the foreign cooperative certification bodies (hereinafter called "the 

2.Terms and definitions
(1) A cooperative certification body (hereinafter called "the Cooperative CB")
A foreign certification body signing the Co-registration agreements or arrangements with the BSMI
(2) The Applicant
A foreign ISO 9001 registered organization, which is assessed, surveillance audited or reassessed by 
the Cooperative CB itself, applying for the Co-registration
(3) The Co-Registered Organization (hereinafter called "the CRO")
An applicant reviewed and approved via these procedures and granted the Co-registration by the 
(4) The Authorized Taiwan Agent (hereinafter called "the ATA")
An agent, which has a domicile or business location in Taiwan, authorized by the Applicant or the 
CRO on its behalf to handle with relevant matters of the Co-registration

3.Application procedures
(1) The Applicant shall complete the following application documents, and then file the documents 
to the Cooperative CB first:
a. Application Form for ISO 9001 Certification (QA-90),
b. Basic Information & Questionnaire (QA-91), and
c. Declaration of Rights and Obligations for Management Systems Registration (QAD-050-008E).
(2) After accepting an application, the Cooperative CB shall deliver the preceding documents 
together with the following documents written in English or in Chinese to the BSMI for application:
a. a copy of current version of the valid ISO 9001 certificate granted by the Cooperative CB,
b. a copy of audit report regarding an initial assessment, a full clausal surveillance, or a 
re-assessment within one year with the relevant audit plan, copies of the assessors’ resumes 
including the NACE (Nomenclature generale des activites economiques dans les communautes 
Europeennes) Code, and a corrective action plan for the non-conformities, and
c. a completed "Information on ISO 9001 Audit Time" (QA-96).

4.Acceptance and review
The BSMI shall check the documents according to the requirements of clause 3 after receiving. An 
application with complete and conforming documents will be accepted. After the acceptance, the 
BSMI will review the documents. If any lack, mistake or incompleteness of the contents arises, the 
BSMI will inform the Cooperative CB to provide corrections within two months. Any overdue 
uncorrected application will be rejected and closed.

5.Issuance of certificate
After the Application is approved, the BSMI shall inform the ATA to pay the statutory fees, 
including Examination fee, Certificate fee and Registration fee, etc., according to "Regulations 
Governing Fees for Commodity Inspection". After receiving the statutory fees, the BSMI shall issue 
a stamped certificate with the valid period conformed to that on the current Applicant’s ISO 9001 
certificate issued by the Cooperative CB. The BSMI shall deliver the certificate to the ATA and 
inform the Cooperative CB and the Applicant regarding the issuance of certificate.

6.A foreign organization, which is registered by the BSMI ISO 9001 certification program, may 
change the status as a CRO if it is granted ISO 9001 registration with the same name and address by 
the Cooperative CB and then making an application for changing status according to the procedures. 
The Applicant shall inform the BSMI regarding changing status two months prior to the scheduled 
BSMI surveillance or reassessment audit. After approved by the BSMI for changing status as a CRO, 
the BSMI will stop conducting the surveillance or reassessment audit, which, instead, will be 
conducted by the Cooperative CB.

7.The responsibility and obligations of the Cooperative CB
(1) The Cooperative CB shall be in charge of conducting the succeeding surveillance or 
re-assessment audits for the CRO. The annual audit frequency is determined according to the 
requirements of the Cooperative CB. The Cooperative CB shall agree with that the BSMI may 
assign observers to join the surveillance or re-assessment of the Cooperative CB by sampling a few 
CRO audit cases to harmonize the performance level between each other, when necessary.
(2) The Cooperative CB shall provide the following documents written in English or in Chinese to 
the BSMI for review within 3 months after completing the surveillance or re-assessment audit of the 
CRO; the BSMI may inform the Cooperative CB to provide the documents, when necessary.
a. A copy of the surveillance or re-assessment audit report with the relevant audit plan, copies of the 
assessors’ resumes including the NACE (Nomenclature generale des activites economiques dans les 
communautes Europeennes) Code and corrective action plan for non-conformities.
b. A copy of renewal ISO 9001 certificate issued by the Cooperative CB when re-assessment is 
conducted, the ISO 9001 standard is revised, or the name, address or registration scopes of the CRO 
are changed.

8.Administration of the CRO
(1) The ATA shall be authorized to handle with the following matters:
a. paying the relevant statutory fees, including annual Registration fee or Certificate fee 
(replacement) etc. according to "Regulations Governing Fees for Commodity Inspection",
b. accepting receipts, certificate and all kinds of official documents, and
c. applying for all kinds of changes regarding registration scopes, certificate replacement or 
willingly cancellation/withdrawal of the BSMI Co-registration, etc.
The CRO shall request the ATA to maintain correct contact information to ensure the delivery of 
receipts, certificate or all kinds of official documents. If the ATA is changed, the CRO shall 
promptly inform the BSMI and apply for changing ATA with Form QA-90.
(2) Replacement and re-issuance of certificate
a. When the CRO is reviewed and approved for replacement of certificate regarding the 
re-assessment audit, revision of the ISO 9001 standard, or the change of the name, address or 
registration scopes, the BSMI shall inform the ATA to pay the statutory fee for replacement of 
certificate. After receiving the statutory fee, the BSMI shall renew the certificate according to the 
b. If a change of the name of the CRO without accompanying any surveillance or re-assessment 
audit, a relevant application letter, the proof documents and a copy of renewal certificate issued by 
the Cooperative CB shall be prepared for replacement of certificate.
c. In case the original certificate is lost, an application for re-issuance of certificate may be filed to 
the BSMI. After approval, the BSMI shall inform the ATA to pay the statutory fee for the 
re-issuance of certificate and re-issue the certificate according to the procedures.