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Title: Implementation Regulations Governing Voluntary Renewable Energy Certificates Ch
Date: 2017.10.27
Legislative: 1.11 Articles adopted and promulgated by Ministerial Order on 27 October 2017
Content: Article 1
The Regulations are formulated in accordance with Paragraph 2, Article 14 of the Commodity Inspection Act.

Article 2
The terms specified in the Regulations are defined as follows:
1.Renewable Energy: Refers to renewable energy specified in Article 3 of the Renewable Energy Development
2.Renewable Energy Power Facility (hereinafter referred to as the Power Facility): Refers to a renewable
energy power facility specified in Article 3 of the Renewable Energy Development Act.
3.Renewable Energy Certificate (hereinafter referred to as the Certificate): Refers to a certificate issued
by the National Renewable Energy Certification Center, Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, MOEA
(hereinafter referred to as the Certification Center) after inspecting a power facility and verifying its
power generation.
4.Applicant: Refers to a renewable energy power generating enterprise or a self-use renewable energy power
generating facility setter, except for those participating in the feed-in tariff scheme and the GHG emission
offset project.

Article 3
To apply for the Certificate, an Applicant shall submit an application form and the following documents to
the Certification Center:
1.Company registration certificate, business registration certificate, plant registration certificate, or
other equivalents or ID documents.
2.Proof of relevant issuance documents of a Renewable Energy Power Facility specified in accordance with the
provisions of the second paragraph of the preceding article.
3.Other relevant documents specified by the Certification Center.

Article 4
To apply for the transfer of the Certificate, an applicant shall submit an application form, transfer
documents, and a copy of the transferee’s registration certificate or ID document to the Certification Center
for registration.
The transfer of the Certificate will be limited to once. However, if the circumstances are exceptional and get
approved by the Certification Center, it shall not be limited.

Article 5
After the Certification Center accepts the application, the Certification Center shall execute the documentation
review, examination and on-site inspection.
If application documents do not meet the requirements, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, MOEA
(hereinafter referred to as the BSMI) shall inform the Applicant to correct documents within 14 working days
following the date of a notice served. Additional 14 working days may be extended if necessary. Those who have
not completed the document correction within the prescribed time limit, BSMI may dismiss the application cases
on its own initiative.
If application documents meet the requirements after review, the Applicant shall cooperate with the Certification
Center to execute the on-site inspection within 3 months upon the acceptance of the application; however, the
Applicant may apply for the extension for up to 3 months towards the Certification Center with proper causes. If
the Applicant still fails to cooperate in the on-site inspection, the BSMI will dismiss and reject the application

Article 6
If the on-site inspection executed and handled by the Certification Center meets the requirements, the Power
Facility will be approved for registration and an inspection report will be issued to the Applicant.
If the on-site inspection does not meet the requirements, the Applicant may apply to the Certification Center
for the second inspection with related evidence attached within 14 working days following the date of the report
received. To apply for the second inspection and review is no more than once.

Article 7
After the application is approved by the BSMI, the power generation will start counting and accumulating from the
date following the date of the report issued. The Certification Center will issue an electronic certificate to
the Applicant per 1000 kWh and register its numbers issued.
The Certification Center may execute the follow-up inspection of the Power Facility and the follow-up verification
of its power generation on a regular basis or from time to time.

Article 8
A certificate holder may have its certificates verified for the proof of renewable energy used in the year of power
generation, the GHG emission inventory, and the statement of its corporate social responsibility and shall register
with the Certification Center within 5 working days after the use or announcement. Certificates used or announced
are not allowed to be transferred.

Article 9
When there are changes in the basic information of the Applicant or its related documents registered with the
Certification Center or other facts that affect the registration, the Applicant may apply for changes towards the
Certification Center with related documents attached within 1 month from the date of occurrence.

Article 10
If the Applicant is verified to apply for certificates that have been issued or to forge its power generation data,
the BSMI will revoke and record its false certificates. The Applicant is allowed to reapply for a certificate after 6
months from the date of revocation.

Article 11
The Regulations take effect since its release date.